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Commercial and industrial Cleaning unit operating  in the Industrial, Corporate, Food Processing, Health Care and Retail with cleaners across the boarder.

  • Tailor made service to suite our clients requirements, while leveraging off best practice and organizational expertise.
  • Innovative and continuously improved systems  designed to meet  customer expectation while using the latest technology in reporting efficacies .This is done in conjunction with the usage of PDA’S which is a mobile quality assurance and reporting system.
  • Our cleaning standards are monitored by external consultants where regular inspections are conducted for the purpose of maintaining our grading standards in accordance to our 5-star grading system.
  • Our managers actively participate in our internal inspections on monthly basis for the maintenance of our own high standards cleaning promised to our customers.
  • Cleaning staff is trained prior to starting on the new contract; we ensure the involvement of suppliers of equipment and chemicals to ensure the correct use of their products. Kusile provide intensive on-the-job training to every cleaning operation.  This plays a vital role in productivity and staff morale.
  • All cleaning staff  receives induction training and are issued with a job description and cleaning schedule.
  • We have regular staff assessments in place  to enhance skills, set goals and initiate training, in accordance with our annual training plan.


We offer additional ad hoc Specialised Cleaning services, we have a team of specialist which is dedicated to carry out the following services:

  • Deep Cleaning of Washroom/Toilets and Kitchens
  • Deep Cleaning of Carpet
  • Cleaning of High Rise Windows
  • Once-off Cleaning Services for Special Projects
  • Condom Dispensing Units
  • Water purification Dispensers


  • The Pest control division specializes in the control of cockroaches; rats and mice; fleas; flies; dust mites, termites, spiders ,ants, pests of stored products, weed spraying, driveway spraying, warehouse fogging, electric fly control etc. Our Technicians attend food safety training courses which cover the Prerequisite Programmers (PRP) for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).
  • Only quality, registered pesticide products with SABS approval are used and all products carry Material Data Safety Sheets. Our pest control division is a member of the Pest Control Industries Board and affiliated to the South African Pest Control Association.
  • We also specialized in Methyl Bromide fumigation for the control of pests, in stored food produce, containers for export, etc.


The Hygiene Services division specializes in the deep cleaning of toilets, washrooms and kitchens and promises a healthy environment for your premises .

  • We install disinfectant dosing systems for urinals such as P-mats, Duo blocks for male bathrooms as well as  seat sanitizers for the female bathrooms, and water saving device like the auto flushing units  and biological dosing units for kitchens, doctors rooms,  hotel etc.
  • Our hygiene department is committed to delivering superior hygiene solutions, products and equipment for all your washroom, bathroom and toilet facilities, and related hygiene needs that will guarantee a high level of satisfaction whilst combining comfort with care.
  • With a healthy environment at the work place, we ensure the prevention of Hepatitis B, Herpes virus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E-Coli, Salmonella through strict usage of a proper hygiene services and standards at all times.
  • This division also provides a sanitary disposing service; soap dispensers; paper towel dispensers, warm air dryers and sanitary wipes. We apply heavy duty manual cleaning, High pressure washing, Steam Cleaning and foam cleaning.
  • There are always measurable benefit for using Kusile as a preferred service provider for your Washroom requirements. Maintenance of hygiene audit standards, maintenance of kitchen safety and hygiene standards, staff hygiene happiness and increased customer satisfaction.
Hygiene Services
Hygiene Service


  • Kusile Indoor Plants and Pots division brings a fresh, healthy living environment that enhance and inspire a dynamic energy and style to any office space.
  • This division offers a wide variety of indoor plant and pot through rentals or outright purchase requirements to suit your needs.
  • Whatever your office conditions – hot or cold, light or dark – we’ll ensure you get the right indoor plants. And we guarantee they’ll stay in perfect condition.
  • Whatever your décor and color coordination, we will ensure you get the right pots to match your office space.
  • . Our range includes floor plants, desk plants, rectangular boxes etc.
  • Office plant can improve air quality around the office and just brighten things up a little, creating a friendly and relaxing environment.
  • Kusile indoor plants require maintenance to stay looking fresh. For this reason we also offer maintenance service to our clients.
  • On a regular basis, your office plants will be watered, cleaned and pruned to ensure they look as great as the day they were brought from the nursery. Our indoor plants are grown specifically to thrive in typical office environments and our office plant hire services department will ensure that they are consistently high quality. Whenever your office plants fail to meet our high standards, we guarantee to replace them free of charge.


Kusile Laundry offers a total solution for garment, work wear and mat rental, bulk laundry, hotel guest laundry and on-premise laundries

Our products ranges from 7 kg to 100 kg automated washer extractors, driers and continuous batch washers which are complemented by a comprehensive range of ironing and finishing equipment.

We collect, process and deliver clean and hygienic linen to all industries. Stopping dirt in its tracks. Our walk-off mat range prevents dirt, moisture and grime from entering your premises and our anti fatigue mats look after the health of your stand-up employees.



  • Our water coolers comes in two distinct types – there are those that are plumbed into the mains water supply and drainage system, and the free standing dispenser with the replaceable water container that sits on top – the latter can also be supplied with a hot water option.
  • A client has the flexibility to site the units  in almost any location – including table or work surface.
  • Our units are a valuable hygienic effort that transforms any office environment.
  • They come in different sizes and shapes , Free Standing dispensers or Counter Tops

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