Welcome to Kusile Hygiene

A Healthy Environment is our Responsibility


Kusile Hygiene n’ Industrial Services is one of the leading service providers specializing in Contract Cleaning, Hygiene Services, Pest Control Management, Indoor Plants, Water Dispensers, Laundry Services as well as Auxiliary Services. Since its inception in 2003 Kusile has been providing service excellence in its core businesses and continues to offer competence, flexibility and reliability to all our valued clients. We go an extra mile in service delivery hence we comply with all Occupational Health and Safety Regulations not only in the premises of our client but in our personal well-being.

With a decade of experience in the industry, We have been actively growing our business offerings nationally and have acquired contracts in KZN; Gauteng, North West, Limpopo Western Cape etc. Kusile is rapidly becoming a preferred service provider to all sectors including: Government Departments, Parastatals, Private Sectors as well as all other sectors. In order for the company to offer quality service delivery, We have partnered with reputable suppliers such as: Industro Clean, Hygiene Systems, Nampak and Coopers etc, and we continue to seek new and innovative ways to better our services. Our most recent passion as a company is GOING GREEN, a notion which seeks to promote an environment that is safe and friendly to live in.


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